Chloe Zentkovich started with the passion for growing social media personally, through that she gained many opportunities working with brands and later, internships and businesses who taught her more about marketing, where that passion grew bigger the more she learned about social media and helping smaller businesses grow through doing just that.

It became more evident that the 9 to 5 just wasn’t her calling and becoming her own boss and teaching companies how to build their businesses digitally, was a true joy.
Her perspective is a lot more in-house than other freelance marketing companies. Chloe is based in Plant City, FL and physically wants to be there with you, guiding you along this journey in social media, taking off the burden and the time you don’t have as a business owner to be present in social media the way you need to be. Chloe’s goal is to help you reach your digital dreams, which will ultimately grab customer’s attention in a fast-growing digital world. Chloe specializes in helping to create that personal content for each business exclusively. The biggest fail she comes across is many marketing companies using random Google images that don’t truly identify with your brand, or give that personal touch your customers are looking to engage with. At Peachfullychlo Marketing, Chloe aims to bring marketing in a personal level and bring back the real side of social media marketing.

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