Fall Transitioning Styles

Between the sweat and frizzy hair of the heat…and not just any heat for me, but Florida heat, I guess you could say, I’M READY FOR FALL! Although it doesn’t fully come about in Florida, I love all the colors and fashion statements associated with Fall. So I’m here to give you some real life examples from this FL girl of actual Fall transitioning outfits that won’t make you sweat in 5 seconds. Also these are all mirror selfies on my phone…so different for me but I wanted to be as real life as I could be to my audience and see how you like it!


I love to be inspired by nature’s colors for my color palette’s to wear each season. I pulled some images from my Pinterest @peachfullychlo to help give an idea of what to start with!


First up: Honestly just something in my closet I’ve had for a while! If you know me, you know I’m all about being environmentally friendly fashion ideas and recycling clothes at the thrift store or finding new ways to love the items you buy compared to throwing them out! This shirt is a turtleneck tank and it is so thin and deceiving as a more Fall piece, when it’s totally light enough for Summer! I would check Amazon for something like this, I’m pretty sure I got this at Ross ages ago. Next, is my FAVORITE skirt I thrifted, it’s just so comfy and flattering on me, I got it at Goodwill probably a year ago and If you’ve been following me I can GUARANTEE you’ve seen this skirt on me many times! Next, I just paired an oversized cropped denim jacket, the rule for Fall transition is throw your favorite denim jacket over any outfit of yours in the evening and I think it just makes the perfect transition. Then, I put on this hat from Amazon that was like $6. Fedoras are a must for Fall, and my hair was greasy and now you can’t even tell! Lol, I love hats for any season but especially that I can bring out my fedoras instead of just straw hats. I’d pair any of these outfits I have with tan or light booties, even brown ones!


The next is super casual and I’m not sure if I even brought out the casual side of me to ya’ll before, so I’m trying to bring some more out and take pictures with more casual outfits! This oversized unique shirt I thrifted from Sunshine Thrift and I love it! It has special stitched feathers and I love a long tee look with these distressed leggings. I put up a little half bun and I think it’s super fall looking just because of the shirt, I would pair oversized Halloween and fall shirts with these leggings for sure…really anything oversized with the Fall colors and add some wedges.


This one is just something unique I wanted to put together, this is all thrifted and my best advice would find a dark floral blouse to dress up for Fall, a denim dress is always so perfect for fall! This dress is something I haven’t seen many times but an overall dress or jean skirt would be perfect as well. I paired it with a fun fanny pack to accessorize!


One of the easiest fall transitioning to do is a dress with any Fall colors! When Fall comes around, I’m all mustard yellow. I threw a kimono over it and some cream booties, and that’s it! So easy and it won’t be too hot to deal with!


This is a romper I got at Marshall’s a while back and it’s so easy and the perfect color palette for Fall. Like I said before, I had greasy hair taking these so another tip that’s so easy to do your hair for Fall as well is put it in a messy low bun and put on a fedora! It looks so put together, who doesn’t love being lazy but looking great at the same time??!


This one looks all out-Fall right? It’s a super thin long-sleeve crop top and I paired it with some Madewell crop flare black jeans so these are super airy as well, and yes, I do live in fedoras!!


This is one of the most simple outfit I put together, this is so easy if you just want to look trendy on the go! I have a cedar color mock top with a pair of distressed denim, add in a cute velvet headband and earrings and you’re set!

That was my Fall transition round-up! I hope these helped you out and let me know if you liked the easy feel and looks with mirror selfies! I hope Fall is very fashionable and fun for you!

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