Galaxy’s Edge: The Traveler’s Guide

First off: IT’S BEEN A WHILE!

Second: I’m ready to switch things up a little and talk about some OTHER things that I’m truly passionate about as well, Disney & Star Wars. They are very important to me…and I went to Galaxy’s Edge twice in one weekend so I got all the tea on the latest attraction in Disney World, let’s dive in!!!

If they are still there make sure you get all the maps and guides, super nice and collectible!

So if you don’t know, Galaxy’s Edge POPPED OFF and Disney did an amazing job! It is so spacious and the crowd control was done so well…the place is like it’s own land and as a big Star Wars fan I seriously appreciate the ability to just experience Batuu the entire day without running out of things to do!

I went in the morning of the first Saturday it opened around 6 or 7am and we got on Smuggler’s Run within 30 minutes and there was no crowds to fight whatsoever.

A little bit about Smuggler’s Run:

It’s actually super interactive and the first time I would suggest Gunner or Engineer because you just press buttons! I haven’t done Pilot yet but you really have to pay attention to what you’re doing versus just experiencing the ride. It is SO fun and it makes you really feel like you’re apart of operating the millenial falcon!

You get a color and a card and your position, you can freely roam around in the queue until your color is called!
The views of the Millenial Falcon while in the queue are incredible!

Side note: I forgot to take pictures of the food but it was AMAZING and the restaurant is kind of like Pandora’s in food selection! The Tattooine Sunset is my new favorite tea!

Star Wars Bound:

“I love you” “I know” is John and I’s favorite iconic line and obviously our favorite characters are Solo and Leia, so I decided to bound just as that!

Let’s Talk Drinks:

So Blue Milk & Green Milk? They’re slimy! Blue Milk has a really good berry slushy taste but Green Milk is a lot more sour and I personally hated it!

Oga’s Cantina:

My personal favorite part in all of Galaxy’s Edge! They have the coolest cocktails and it’s so fun and lively I actually felt I was in the cast of the Star Wars movie! What we had: Jedi Mind Trick and Fuzzy Taun Taun. They were both SOO good! Mine was Fuzzy Taun Taun and the foam makes your mouth numb actually!!! The juice is so good with peach, vodka, and who knows what else!! Oga’s Cantina is a MUST to go to and they can stand you at the bar sometimes really quick without reservation, we waited maybe 10 minutes.

Grab your thermal detonators for $6, they are great souvenirs!!

All together, their merchandise is INCREDIBLE and the entire Batuu experience is unforgettable, I can’t wait to go back and I hope this helped you out for your trip far, far away!!!

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