Thrifting Summer Trends

Summer is in full swing! From school being out to the extreme heat, it’s hard to deny we are coming full force with Summer!

With that, let’s talk Summer Trends for 2019. If you’re like me, one of my favorite things in the different seasons is do some research on the biggest trends! I love incorporating these trends into my thrifting. Trends are just recycled from past decades and generations, so it’s so easy to incorporate some vintage and amazing pieces at Sunshine Thrift! My first piece of advice would be to Google the trends for the season and year and go by reputable places for the most updated fashion trends on the runway; such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and Cosmopolitan. All of these places alone will give you all the trends you will need to know!

My top 2 pieces of advice for hot Summer days and staying fashionable is COMFORT and simplicity. You can still easily make a piece so fashionable and trendy; I would have to say comfort is key for me when you’re most likely going to be a little sweaty or warm. I love to make it simple and stick with statement tops with puffed sleeves or a pop of neon, (like the one listed below.) You just can’t go wrong with a simply effortless outfit.

Here are my researched Summer Trends for 2019:

If you watched my latest ‘Come Thrift with Me’ with Sunshine Thrift, you’re a step ahead! You will be able to see how easy it was to find so many Summer trends to stock up on!!! I’m going to show you how I styled my Summer trends I thrifted at Sunshine Thrift!!

FIRST UP: Utility Trend

I went in the men’s section to find a men’s work shirt so I could get the utility look I was going for! To make it more feminine I rolled up the sleeves a little and paired it with a cool belt also from Sunshine thrift! I paired the outfit with some distressed jeans and suede boots. This is such an easy trend to pull off!

Maxi/Peasant Dress Trend

This adorable polka-dot mauve peasant dress I found at Sunshine Thrift with the ORIGINAL TAGS still on it is so cute and elegant! It’s the perfect example of the maxi/ peasant dress trend because it embodies both dress types! I couldn’t believe I snatched this dress for only $8! It’s so easy and comfortable to wear with strappy neutral sandals and a straw hat for Summer.

Neon Trend

I thrifted this adorable vintage-looking neon orange top at Sunshine Thrift while going through my Summer Trends list and I think this is the perfect statement top for the pop of neon trend going on for this Summer. It’s one of my favorite colors and it’s so bright and fun it just screams Summer! I paired it with some vintage Levi’s I got from Thredup and a straw hat, this is a great example of an easy and trendy Summer outfit and it’s completely thrifted!

That’s my Summer trends round-up for 2019! I hope this inspired you on what to thrift for Summer, it’s so easy to simply come in with that list above of Summer trends and get all you’ve been looking for! My budget was $25, and it definitely was well worth it.

I hope this helps your Summer outfit inspo!

Until next time,

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