Thrifted Statement Tops for Summer

Summer is in full swing for me! Being in Florida the heat is definitely here like it’s Summer. Summer is my least favorite time of season, I feel like I can’t layer as much or make my outfits so extra because it’s atleast 90. So I want to give some advice on how I make my outfits still fun and cute!

Obviously, from the title, it’s mainly finding the right statement top. I thrifted some fun pieces that can be worn with skirts, shorts, jeans, etc. And it will make the outfit still pop and look simple and effortless!! It’s all about the frills, puffy sleeves (2019 Summer Trend), stitching, and unique aspects of the top!

The first top I thrifted for $4.28, is the PERFECT top for Summer. It’s a light yellow Tank Top, it has the little frill on the sleeves and cute detailing right in the front of the chest area, I love the square neck as well for Spring & Summer. It’s seems to be really trendy!

The next top is actually long sleeve. I wasn’t sure about picking up this at a Nashville Thrift Store I was at, but now to me this is the perfect indoors blouse for Summer. I believe it was $3. It’s light and has a ton of fun frills. I think it looks so chic with a fun skirt or jeans if you want a more professional look. It’s just so dramatic!

The next top I thrifted is actually my favorite top for the Summer!! I didn’t think it would fit me, but it did and it’s the perfect Summer top for me! I love cropped tops for Summer, and this one is cropped but has all the extra details I want so it’s not as basic. The little puff sleeves and the flower stitching is everything! It frills out at the bottom and obviously, my favorite color to wear is white so it was really a win. I believe this was $4.48 at Goodwill.

And those are the tops I wanted to show you for Summer! My advice for thrifting statement tops in Summer would be look for the frills, light and bright colors, and don’t be afraid to branch out with a little dramatic flair. Summer Trends for 2019 are definitely more dramatic and fun, don’t be afraid to try puffed sleeves or a 70s top. They are so in! I obviously have some Summer tops that weren’t thrifted that I got deals on, but if you know me, thrifting is always better. You will be able to find more unique pieces amidst the extreme Summer season that presses you to buy the same thing, this way you can be unique! Also, if you want to see all my Summer tops, they will always be posted on my Instagram.

That was everything! Have a fashionable Summer at the same time being thrifty! I hope this helped you to be!

Until next time,

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