Festival Styles for April 2019

So I’m in Coachella nostalgia I guess you would call it! Between all the gorgeous western-bohemian pieces and the festival styles that always float around this time of the year. I just had to take my own spin on it, Coachella or nochella. I was going to do it.

Explanation over, I’m here to bring you how I style festival looks, and of course, some thrifted and discounted finds I had just hanging in my closet that I put together! The best part is that I had so many to choose from just in my closet and I didn’t need to go out and buy anything else. A bit of a back story on my style, it is typically bohemian, those are my roots so finding festival outfits can be typically very easy for me!

I narrowed down two outfits to do photoshoots in. So, I wanted to discuss with you how I put them together!

The first one I’m going to talk about is the striped black skirt and bralette with a long lace cardigan. I got the skirt from Marshall’s a while back for $12 I believe, and I have an Aerie strapless bralette on. I wanted an excuse to wear my adorable Aerie bralettes as well that I probably got a year ago and didn’t think of what outfits would be good enough for other then wearing underneath my clothing. The lace cardigan is from Ella and Blake Boutique. I think it would be fairly easy to find dupes of these, but #1 I’m lazy to pin links and #2 I’m here to discuss how to style them and you can add in your own ideas and articles of clothing! The western ankle boots I thrifted at Goodwill years ago for $8 as well. I think the long skirt with a slit and a western ankle boot can really tie in any festival look this year. Top it off with a bralette and lace and you’re already set with a festival look! I gave some flair with face glitter and space buns too!

My second outfit was cool for me to pair up because I have no idea what this black “open-front” dress thing is to be honest. I just thrifted it at Salvation Army for $3 thinking it could be a swimsuit cover up and never wore it until now. It’s beyond perfect for a festival look! It gives the flair and show off of my bralette and adds this bohemian- festival fun the outfit needs. I just put together with it some distressed flower jean shorts and a black Aerie bralette. I paired it with more thrifted boots from Goodwill and a fedora hat to keep it western as well. I also had this super detailed necklace that I’ve had for probably 4 years that just went with the outfit so well. By far, this cover up I thrifted is probably the best festival piece to have in my opinion. It says it’s from Forever 21 as well so there’s plenty of these dress cover up things to pair with! Lol! I also couldn’t pick the color and if you know me, I don’t wear black hardly ever, I love to wear white so given the choice I probably would pick white but since it’s thrifted I was able to expand my pallet and I loved the black for the western-bohemian vibes of festival outfits trending right now.

I hope these outfits and visual aids helped you try and pair some festival looks and get creative! I know a lot of us don’t need any reason to know how to wear festival outfits, but be bold and just go out and have a photo shoot or hang out in one! I definitely had fun with festival styles and I was able to get creative with my favorite personal style, so I hope that sparks some creative juice for you!

Until next time,

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