Styling Big Trends Right Now: Yellows!

I’m sure everyone has seen how much I wear yellows now, it’s become one of my favorite colors to wear and is a huge trend right now. On my Instagram, I have a highlight section of trends and I will be covering all those for you this season. To start those off: Mustard yellow has been huge, but now that spring is here the forecast for yellow is all of them! But not just mustard yellow this time, we are looking at goldens, lemon, butter, and marigolds!

With that being said, I wanted to show you how I style my mostly thrifted yellow pieces of clothing! I realize yellow can be a scary color many don’t venture to but I’m here to help you out with it and show you how fun and happy it can be to style in your outfits for Spring and Summer!

I wanted to start off with this adorable butter-colored floral dress I thrifted! I got this at Salvation Army for $3 I believe and it’s so perfect for spring and easy to wear, I paired it with a cropped jean jacket and light-blue lace up sandals to give it some less plain details. This dress is perfect to wear by itself as well, it has shoulder pads and layering at the bottom to give it a little flair.

The next outfit is this mustard yellow polka-dot top I bought at Marshalls for $7 and high-waisted vintage shorts I got at Sunshine Thrift for $4. I paired it with this bag I bought off Shein and the same sandals I love to wear with yellow. This is a great casual look for a hot day.

The next piece I thrifted (again!) is this vintage two-piece dress that is an off-yellow or cream with yellow and brown flowers. I paired it with a straw hat to make it look even more Spring-like. (Is that a word?) It’s so comfy for warm days like every day in spring in Florida!

Next, I paired these mustard yellow high-waisted skinny jeans I got off Abercrombie. They were having a sale and I love mustard yellow so…I jumped at it! I paired it with a thrifted Lucky brand tank from Goodwill and my Pine and Palms jean jacket again! I love pairing jean jackets with the yellow, I think it contrasts perfectly. The shoes are a blue lace-up flat as well. And a straw bag I thrifted!

The last thing I paired with yellow was this skirt and blazer I thrifted. The blazer was from Sunshine Thrift for $7 and had some yellow in it to give a nice contrast. The skirt is a burnt orange from Goodwill I got for $5 and this gave it another dynamic color to pair with the mustard yellow tank under. I love making a good dynamic transition with yellow as well, it will mis-match perfectly! (If that doesn’t make sense, mis-matching is a bold new trend right now as well.)

Those were all my ideas for the new yellow trend for Spring! I hope these helped you get an idea of how to pair your yellows this Spring and Summer. As I mentioned above, thrifting helps give that push to a dynamic look as well for your yellows!

Until next time,

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