How to set up a Cozy Christmas Picnic!

So before I start, and before you think “A Christmas picnic??” I’m sorry in advance if you’re up north since being in snow and having a picnic is not the smartest. But for us down south and I’m in Florida…December 1st means 70 degree weather, so why not have a picnic?!

  1. Decorate with comfy Christmas throws, pillows, some pine and ornaments to get in the Christmas spirit and decorated to a T!

2. Get some delicious cookies and a thermos of hot chocolate to keep it warm!

I love these cookies from a local business in Tampa, if you are in the area definitely check out @tcmcookies The Cookie Monster Cookies are such a good, BIG and hand crafted cookie and they sell Christmas themed cookies which are perfect for a Christmas themed picnic!

3. Take some cute pictures!

It’s such a cute set up and have fun taking pictures with loved ones or do a solo shoot and have fun and celebrate Christmas! 

That’s it! 3 simple steps to have a fun day around the house and have intimate moments with loved ones!

Until next time!

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