The Poor Porker

Hey guys! I wanted to talk about one of my favorite local places: The Poor Porker. They just recently opened after construction and it’s even better then before! I love this place from their beignets to their campfire cold brew coffee. This time I had their specialty Pumpkin Pie beignets. They added a taco truck that I unfortunately was unable to try that day but will definitely be back to try them soon. This is a must go to if you are in the Lakeland area.

With that being said, I wanted to talk about my outfit! This outfit itself is under $20, I thrifted these adorable polka dot print pants at Goodwill for $4 , the shoes are from Plato’s Closet and were $7 I believe, and my top is from Ross and was $6. It was a little hot that day in late October so I wanted to be comfy and not sweat but at the same time bring a fall feel to the table. I hope this helps my Florida ladies out there wanting to wear something fall like that’s not too warm for Florida!

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