Creative Ruts: An Artists Fear

Hey Guys!

It’s been a while, again I know. But as you can tell I’ve been in a creative rut with blog posting and the enemy of them all: writer’s block.

So, usually you don’t see me get as personal about life on my blog, it’s a little bit more of fashion and beauty, but today I want to be the vessel and light for the creatives out there. I don’t want to be fake to the world, that I always have it together because none of us do. At the end of the day, being an artist is INCREDIBLY hard. How do we make ourselves stand out, what looks different to us compared to the next influencer or artist? What can we do creatively that changes the game, that makes others stop and admire? Because at the end of the day, that’s what we’re here for right? To give something to the world in our form of expression. Not the money, the likes, or even the fame. The real creatives are here to create. That’s all. To create for others, whether they’re looking or not. With that being said, I decided to share my journey of this rut I’m having with you, so maybe you will be inspired as well and we can conquer this together, I came together with 6 points to help!

  1. RELAX

My biggest block is stress. I’m either too busy or feel extremely pressed for time either for collaborations, or just not having the content fast enough. I have severe anxiety which doesn’t help either, but if I can try and slow down and relax, YOU DEFINITELY CAN! One of the things I did was as seen in the picture below, run a hot bath. Light some candles, I got a couple tealight candles and then a pumpkin cheesecake candle for the fall season, especially since smells calm me. I ran the bath with lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint oil. I had some peach detox tea and brought along one of my favorite books. I recommend something like this book, if you’re a writer, or a woman in general, Rupi Kaur’s poetry is so inspiring. I happened to be at ‘The Blooming’ part of the book and it really gave me a lot of encouragement.


I know #1 was a little bit on the same book, but I need to emphasize on reading. Especially if you’re a writer. Half of the time we have writer’s block, or at least most of the time why I do, is because I’m not reading. I use to read 3 books a week years ago. Now I “feel” like I don’t have time to read, but you MAKE TIME! It’s so important. #GIRLBOSS is in this picture as well, so inspirational books like this are a huge game changer. I honestly can’t read a ton of girlboss in one go, it makes me want to go out and do something, it’s so good and inspirational so I highly recommend this book!


Something I read on Pinterest from Kurt Willems was we tend to “fear ambiguity” and this tends to put us in black and white boxes for clarity, when this can lead to disaster. Which really made me think. Being an artist is most of the time embracing the chaos and lack of clarity, which gives us the advantage over others, helps us become a better innovator, thus we then create amazing ideas. It’s funny to me how creatives order is chaos and planning in the unknown. I recently did a photo shoot on a Tuesday, at a local park I love. I pushed myself not to cancel the plan of doing this because I was stressed and had a lot of collaborations to complete and was falling behind. All the while, having a nerve-wrecking day at work. Let me tell you, the chaos made me thrive. I did push myself, I think it’s important to push yourself in a healthy way, and I created some beautiful content. I also got home and managed to fill all my clients needs of content, create a preset I wanted for fall in about 5 minutes (which if anyone makes presets for their content, knows that is almost impossible unless you’re inspired), I got creative with some pictures and added what I would like without looking to anything else and trusted myself to create. By sparking your creativity, this is so important to me, you need to TRUST yourself that you can create beautiful things. So many times, we do put ourselves in the box of how things should look for the gram or society and I would encourage you the most creativity I’ve seen in myself is random instances where I am myself and logged off social media and deep in the creative process of our minds. Yes, you can create content for social media AWAY from social media!!!


This is another reminder I have never thought of until recently, for me, this is extra hard. You know how they say to write your first draft then edit everything at the end? Yeah I’m the type of person who does both at the same time. I’m almost 50/50 in logic and creative. When you’re creative, you’re thinking ahead and planning, as well as considering all possibilities. While when you mix logic, you judge and pick apart ideas, throwing out things that won’t work. I think 80% of the time my logic kicks in and I let my creative process die because I’m thinking it won’t work out or look the way I want. Guess what? They can both be right!! But the creative process is not about being right, we can balance the best of both worlds. The importance to this is to THINK CREATIVELY FIRST, EDIT LATER. This way your grand ideas won’t be sold short.


First of all, quit trying so hard to avoid failure. Have you not seen Meet the Robinson’s enough?! KEEP MOVING FORWARD! The more mistakes you make, the more you’ll succeed. Stop worrying about how it will turn out because at least you tried, that’s fantastic itself!!! Another big set back is not believing in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, you won’t be able to be creative or solve problems. It’s important to remember creativity sparks on failure, it helps you learn, and that nothing is impossible. Tear down the mental barriers and understand the process of creativity. Another huge one: letting others discourage you. Don’t!!! Creativity itself is one that is going to go against the crowd. You must ignore them and they will have nothing to say when they see you succeed. They might even try to copy you if they see how well your creativity is working with your life.



Apparently this is an issue that I researched! This explains a lot of my issues, you can think about a problem so much you lose the ability to act. Essentially, you end up filling your brain with too much information. This is extremely hard for the bloggers out there, building your brand is so new and there’s so many new ways to do things and grow, I tend to be so overwhelmed with what I don’t know. Basically, be aware of when you should stop collecting and start acting. Willems explained it as overeating, it’s possible to over think as well.

That’s everything! I hoped this sparked something in you to be inspired and know when to take action, to relax, and simply create! I hope we can come together as creatives and be honest and real to know when we are having obstacles and encourage others while we are on the journey as well.

Until next time,

xoxo, Chlo

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