Accessorizing a plain outfit & introducing some of my favorite products!

Hey guys!

It’s been a while, I know. But here I am and better than ever, ready to share with you some of the most important accessories and beauty products for me this summer!

Let me tell you about accessorizing: this will make your outfits. Always take the time out to try to accessorize! As you can see with my outfit, this is a printed, plain summer dress. Yes it’s cute, but of course I needed the extra something to give it my style.

This is what I accessorized: First off is this light peachy pink Herschel fanny pack  I adore for basically anywhere, it truly fits everything I need. I as well have on blue light filter glasses that I love for a fashion statement, I am weird about buying glasses for just the look, I wear contacts and have glasses as well, I think that may be why since my vision has always been horrible and they have been more of a necessity. These blue light filter glasses are amazing if you work most of the time on the computer though, they save the headaches and eye strain at the end of the day, I picked some up off amazon and I love them! The next thing I wore were these pink mesh socks with gold glitter stars all over them, I love them for a bold statement! This is mainly why I added pinks into my outfit as well. Accessorizing gives you the awesome option of adding in other colors. The next I added was bracelets, a long necklace and statement earrings. This will bring together a simple dress and make it unique to you! The dress I have on was thrifted for $8, I would suggest finding a bright comfy sundress for summer and start out doing this for accessorizing. The key to accessorizing is find what you love personally that speaks to you and using it to pair with a basic outfit! For me I love fanny packs and bright socks, so naturally this is what I ending up doing with the outfit  to make it less bland.

The next thing I took with me for this shoot in St. Pete was Christina Moss Naturals products! let me tell you, they are amazing! What I love about these products is that they are completely organic and I can read all their ingredients on the back clearly and know what I’m putting on my face. The moisturizer and eye cream have made my face so smooth and eyes so much brighter! This is not an ad, I just really want you all to know that I appreciate the organic, amazing qualities of this company. Definitely check them out.

Well that’s all for now!!

Until next time,

Xoxo, Chlo

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