Summer outfits: the comfy and easy ones!

Hey guys! It’s brought to my attention that a lot of other fashionistas out there are styling outfits midday, right in the smack of summer that are pants and flowy long sleeves, while these are great to style for a little bit and take off after the photo shoot is over, I’m here to bring some more comfy options. This was brought to my attention since well, I live in Florida. I love a good outfit and will wear it no matter what, don’t get me wrong…but it’s just not as realistic for a full day or even 5 hours out. While I’m sure it may be easier in other states or countries…not in Florida. I tend to sweat a lot too so I’m here to show you that you can still have fun with these simple outfits!

Here is a layout of what I’m going to style, I picked all t-shirts with quotes on them. I have been into quotes on t-shirts a lot for the summer, I love t-shirts in summer even over tank tops now and I think an empowering quote or something that shows our personality in a t-shirt is more fun! All of the bottoms are shorts that have been the most comfortable for me in the heat as well.

I love this shirt I bought at a great thrift store in Lithia, FL! It’s called What’s It Consignment and this shirt reminds me of women and what they can do, this as well shows somewhat of my personality, I’m kind of *ahem* a leader, I’m not bossy I swear, haha! The shorts are Volcom, I bought them at Ross a year ago for only like $8 and I was told they are somewhat a skater brand and they are so comfortable, I haven’t had chaffing in them, and that says a lot for me!

This set is also super fun and summery, I bought these print shorts at Goodwill and they were on sale for $2! The t-shirt is from Shein and was brand new only for $7, I love Shein for fun tees like this, this one I love because it’s not only cute, it reminds us all of something important!

This one is honestly my favorite set! This shirt is so soft and never wrinkles, it’s so bright and happy for summer! I got this at Rue 21 for $7 and it has been one of my best summer buys! These are all the ways I style the shirt. The Levi shorts I’m pretty sure I talked about in a previous post but these are my favorite shorts I’ve ever owned! I picked these up at Goodwill too.

I hope you liked my summer- easy & cute outfit styles! These are also in home styles and I was super excited to show off my room I worked hard on decorating about a year ago and haven’t shown since!

Until next time…

Xoxo, Chlo

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