St. Pete Adventures

Saturday I went to downtown St. Pete for the first time since I could remember and I had such a blast!  St. Pete definitely is on my favorite list of cities in Florida now.

The first place I went was the Station House to check out the adorable plant pop-up going on with the indie flea! It was the cutest, natural, and friendly environment. Not to mention, they had some of the best coffee I have ever tasted. It was inspiring to see everyone share a love for plants and essentially, making our air cleaner and world greener.

The next place I’ve been wanting to try out was Out of Closet thrift store, if you know me, you know every time I’m out and exploring a city, I’m always trying to find a vintage and/or thrift store. This one happened to be the cutest one I have stopped by so far! It had bright blues and pinks all over the outside of the store and altogether was not only a great and cheap place to shop but also a great place to have a photo shoot! This thrift store as well donates to Aids, so it’s great to know you’re not only recycling clothes, but supporting a great cause.

After it was done raining, we stopped at Wild Roots, they have the cutest plant-friendly wall and store full of plants, definitely millenial and eco-friendly, I loved the vibes I was getting from this store.

And last but not least, we went to have a sweet treat at Iceburg Ice cream, this place definitely has some of the best ice cream in Florida and not only serves it but makes adorable unicorn cones and instagram-worthy sweet treats! I had a unicorn cone with mango sunshine sorbet and it was AMAZING.

Aside from all the cute adventures I got to go on, I was styling a complete Goodwill outfit. (besides the hat) I was wearing a vintage coco-cola shirt, gingham vintage overalls, and a comfy but cute pair of wedges. The hat I bought on Amazon. The outfit altogether is a little under $20. This outfit is definitely one I have been waiting to wear to style my new overalls I found recently, it was great for an on and off rainy day!

If you get the chance to stroll through St. Pete I would advise a less rainy day so you can see all the beautiful wall paintings on every corner, I will be returning on a sunny day so I can check everything out again, there is just so much you can do and see in St. Pete!

Until next time…

Xoxo, Chlo

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