Styling The Orange Denim Jacket I Thrifted


Hey guys! And welcome to my first blog post, I am so excited to share my fashion and life with all the beautiful people taking a glance at my blog! This has been a long journey I have thought about and have come to the conclusion I should really let others know about the passion I have for fashion and styling thrift finds. But most importantly, being able to experience the pure bliss of finding that PERFECT fashion statement in a thrift store. For me, this orange denim jacket I picked up at Goodwill has been just that. As well as many pieces I own in my closet. I am beyond thrilled to start this journey with you and hope you enjoy the ride!

I went to the Historic District in Downtown Plant City in Florida to capture one of my favorite, and fun outfits I have pieced together. This was an old theatre I saw one day going through antique stores in this little town, and I have been dying to get pictures done here for so long, the light pinks and oranges give me serious heart eyes.

As soon as I saw this orange denim jacket being placed back in the jacket row aisle while stepping out of the dressing room; I knew that was just the bold and bright piece I needed to start my summer off with a bang. Even if I live in Florida and summers consist of 70% humidity and the constant temperature of 80. The orange denim jacket is not the only piece to this outfit though, while it is my main statement piece, I have paired it with a Papaya Gingham Tube Top which is only $7 online, I somehow got it for $3 in store. I also have my favorite pair of shorts I ever picked up at a thrift store, they are vintage Levi’s in men’s, they look like someone cut them off previously and I found them in the men’s section, they somehow are cut and fit perfectly for me. If you are looking to go thrifting, I would look to pick up a pair of vintage Levi’s as your first go to. They truly are a must have. My shoes are Vans I picked up online in a white/gold sparkle old skool sneaker. These are unfortunately sold out, they were a New Year’s limited edition that took me forever to find and purchase, Urban Outfitters came through for me fortunately and they have been my favorite shoe since, I hardly wear them in fear of getting them dirty. I have been loving any form of glitter on shoes like sneakers and sandals. They make a fun statement and bring out your personality if you’re like me and love to add sparkle to anything. That was my simple, yet bold statement outfit for a fun weekend during the day, I hope you enjoyed my banter and content, I look forward to providing you with a new blog post soon lovelies!

Xoxo, Chlo

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